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Prof. Dr. Zoran Simićević







Personal data: Born on 17 December 1949. in Belgrade, Serbia.

Wife: Vukica, Prof. Dr., Economics, Money and Banking; Daughter: Katarina, MSc, European University. Academic and professional Background: BS, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, MSc, Faculty of Economics, Department of Business Economics, Belgrade, Ph.D. Faculty of Economics, Belgrade.

Career: worked as a Project Engineer of Information Systems, Economic Bureau, 1972-76; Head of Department for  Organization and Management of Merchandise Trade, Institute for Merchandise Trade Development ( became Scientific Institute 1985),1984-1988; Chairman of Scientific Council, Institute for Merchandise Trade Development, 1985-1987.

Finacial Consultant in the company Economic Adviser, 1988-1991.

Full-time Professor of International Accounting, Management Accounting, Technology of Planning and Control, European University, Faculty of International Management, Faculty of European Business and Marketing, Institute French-American Faculty for Management-IFAM, from 1991 to present day. Pro-dean of Faculty of International Management, 1993-1995; Head of Department for Accounting, Technology and Information Science, European University, since 2000; Member of National Council for Education, 2002-2005; Member of the

Accreditation Board of European University, 2006-2007; Chairman of European University Council, 2007.

More recent events: conferences: Management Development in World, Vranje, Serbia, 1994; European Management as a Factor of Integration of  the Economy of Balkan Countries into European Economic World, Buchurest, 1995; European Business and Management in the funcion of Integrateted European Economy, Budapest, 1996; Management and European Integrating Factors, Budapest, 1997. Symposiums: Management of Healthy Food, Belgade, 1992; European Management and Business as a Factor of Integration of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia into the European Union, Belgrade, 2000; The Reform of Education and Application of the Bologna Declaration between 2002-2004, Belgrade, 2004. Projects: Global Education, Project Director prof.dr Milija Zecevic, organized by the European Academy of Informatization, Brussels and   European Academy of Science, Wienna.

Publications: over forty scientific works and books, among which are: co-author: Business System, Management and Accounting, Magament and Financing, The Technology of Decision Making and Planning, Technology of Forecasting;  author: International Accounting, Management Accounting I Management Accounting II, The Technology of Control Systems, The Technology of Processing Accounting Information .


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