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HE Prof. Dr. Alfonso Roldan More




HE Prof. Dr. Alfonso Roldán Moré




Personal Data: Born on 27 June 1958 in San Sebastian. Spain.

Academic and professional background: MD with Honours, Medicine and Surgery, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain, 1975-81; MS, Occupational Health and Safety, Universidad de Alcala de Henares, 1997; PhD, Occupational Health and Safety, 1995; PhD, Ergonomics, 1996; Grand Ph.D., World Information Distributed University (WIDU), Moscow, June 2001.

Main Fields: Education; Human Rights; World Peace; International Co-operation.

Career: Present positions: 2001, Vice-President, International Center of Informatization, Brussels; 2001. 1996, Director, Occupational Health & Safety and Ergonomics, Suffolk University Madrid Campus; 1999, President and Director, London Diplomatic Academy; 2002, Vice President, International Diplomatic Academy; 1999, President, Albert Schweitzer International University, Geneva; 2000, Chair of Occupational Health, Instituto Universitario de Ciencias de la Salud Barcelo, Buenos Aires; 2002, Public Professor Oradea University (Romania);

Memberships: Professional Organisations: President, Spanish Association Health and Safety Professionals (FESAMA); President, International Commission on Distance Education (Geneva); Chancellor in Spain, Humanitarian Organisation: International Association of Educators for World Peace; Chairperson for International and Diplomatic Affairs, International Organization for World Peace, Disarmament, Development, and Human Rights (New York); Permanent Representative to United Nations (Geneva), Dayemi Complex Bangladesh, and International Informatization Academy (Moscow); President, Amigos de Naciones Unidas en Espana; Vice Chairman of International Advisory Committee. World Human Rights Service Council (New York). New York Academy of Sciences.

Achievements: Founder of the Albert Schweitzer International University and London Diplomatic Academy.

Publications: Dr. Roldan has published over 200 articles and presented multiple papers in his areas of expertise. He is the author of the book Protection o Prevencion (Madrid, 1999).

Awards and Honours: Roldan has received multiple doctorates honoris causa; he is named in numerous Who's Who and other listings of leading personalities. Academician (one Academician per million people), International Academy of Sciences, Brussels. Honorary Ambassador for Spain of the First Children's Embassy of the World MEDJASHI, Macedonia. Pre-selected by European Union for the post of Director to the European Agency of Occupational Health.