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Beatriz Estebanez Gaston


Beatriz Estebanez Gaston

Personal Data: Born on 6 January 1959 in San Sebastian, Spain.

Academic and professional background: MD in Medicine and Surgery, Universidad de Valladolid, 1982; PhD in Occupational Health, 1999; Qualified as an Auditor of Systems of Occupational Safety by the Department of Work of the Autonomous Government of the Balearic Islands; MS, Science, Technology and Society, National University for Distance Learning (UNED), Madrid, 1998; Expert, Occupational Safety and Industrial Hygiene, University of Alcala de Henares, Spain, 1997; Expert in Health Education, UNED. 1999.

Main Fields: Occupational Health and Safety; Protocol and Etiquette; Educational Planning and Administration.

Career: Past Positions: 1996-2003, Co-ordinator/Professor, Occupational Health & Safety and Ergonomics, Suffolk University Madrid Campus. Present Positions: 2000-, Course Designer and Director, Protocol, London Diplomatic Academy.

Memberships: Vice-president, London Diplomatic Academy; General Secretary, Spanish Association of Health and Safety Professionals (FESAMA); General Secretary, Amigos de Naciones Unidas en Espana; General Secretary, International Commision on Distance Education, Geneva, 1997-Present.

Publications: Protocolo Social y Empresarial (2003).